The Shop

Listening Hand Therapeutic Massage is Located Inside

Danville’s New Arts and Oddities Shop, Moondancer

Within the City Art Signs Building

When you enter Moondancer, you will be struck with an array of unique and beautiful local arts from leather work, to prints, to glasswork, fabric arts and more! Cheryl, the shop owner and resident artist is a delight to speak with…I highly recommend saying hello.

Firedog is our gentle giant—loving greeter of customers and clients. He likes to be petted and loved on, so feel free to say hello to him.

On the way back to my studio space, you will pass through the office of Bo Tipton, of Acorn Marketing. He is the man I respect the most in life. He has guided me to make all areas of my life better…I am eternally grateful to him. Feel free to say hello to him as we pass through!

Acorn Marketing

Listening Hand

Back in my studio, you will be met with a soothing, healing space. We will sit and talk. I will listen so I can get a clear sense of your healing needs. Your session is your time so feel free to speak what works for you…