About Clive

My name is Clive Robinson. It’s been a long journey to Central Kentucky! I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, 1975. So that my father could develop as a heart surgeon, when I was 5, my parents moved my two brothers and me to Boston, MA for two years. We then moved to Little Rock, AR for a year, before finally moving back to New Zealand. Then in 1992, when I was 16, our family again moved, this time to Lexington, KY where my father had accepted a position at the University of Kentucky Hospital as a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Clive Robinson
Spending time with the trees, in between clients!

I completed high school in Lexington KY; then a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University of Kentucky. After graduation, I visited my homeland and then traveled around the US until I decided to pursue a career as middle school reading and writing teacher. I taught in public schools for two years in Los Angeles, CA and then returned to Kentucky to teach four more years in Louisville.

Time for a Change

In my sixth year of teaching, I found myself very exhausted and looking for a change in career. While on a camping trip with an old friend (who is also a massage therapist), he asked me a simple question: “Why not massage therapy?” I was never able to answer that question. The more that I thought about it, I saw that there were only reasons “for massage.”

So I left the world of the public school behind and moved to Lexington Kentucky again. It felt like a home coming. I studied at the Lexington Healing Arts Academy and greatly enjoyed the training. Very shortly after completing my studies and passing the Boards, I dove into my own private practice. This was the beginning of what has now become Listening Hand.

Clive Robinson
My maternal grandmother carrying me. Apparently I was wildly chasing the ducks.

Listening Hand, Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage, serves the Central Kentucky area. It began in Lexington KY, July 2007 and recently expanded to Danville, where I now reside, in the countryside close by. I incorporate a variety of modalities: Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Energy Work. I have found that this combination provides my clients consistent, lasting relief from pain. It also has the potential to greatly enhance the health and longevity for those clients who make these sessions a regular part of their wellness plan.