Things To Make You Feel Better!


As a massage therapist, I care about the whole health of my clients. I care how they feel during the massage as well as how they experience daily life when they leave the massage table.

The body, mind, and emotions are all related—there is no separation. My goal as a therapist is to help my clients feel their best, and this includes considering how the body, mind, and emotions are connected. Care in all areas can contribute to overall well being.

First of All, Why Do We Feel Pain?

Pain in knee
When your body speaks to you through pain, it’s asking for a massage.

Putting it simply, there are many contributing factors to making us feel pain in our bodies. Most of us know the common reasons for pain:

  • injuries from accidents
  • injuries from overuse (like a torn muscle)
  • soreness from intense exercise (or a new exercise routine)
  • stress tension from worrying

However, Have You Ever Considered:

  • your body can feel pain from inactivity, like sitting at the computer all day?
  • rolling your ankle could eventually lead to chronic headaches?

    Stretching at Dawn
    Feeling better is never too far away.
  • injuries you experienced as a child can still effect you today?

Even though an injury or overuse always contribute to pain, there is more to it than simply that.

What Can You Do To Make Things Better?

Most of us know many ways to improve our health and there is always more to learn. Think of the things that you already know that can help your body feel better:

Woman enjoying nature.
When massage takes away the pain, you can get back to enjoying life again.


  • massage
  • yoga
  • rest and relaxation
  • healthy eating

But, do you know that breathing full breaths can help your body feel better? What about the way you are thinking: Do you know positive thinking can decrease stress and improve your overall well-being?

There is a wealth of knowledge to learn that can make your experience in life better and a variety of self-care techniques to suit your personality and schedule.

There Is Always More To Learn

Child's hand in parents hand.
The healing touch makes all the difference

Since early 2000 I have been on a journey to learn about healing and whole health. I’ve tried many things that don’t work and found many more that do work to improve my over-all well-being.

In the Listening Hand Blog series, each one will offer information and suggestions that empower you to improve your health and well-being! I educate about massage as powerful healing tool. I also share techniques you can use at home to heal yourself and keep healthy.

So I invite you to look around my blog, which is available through my website. Begin or continue your journey of learning through this resource. Read on and return many times!

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