5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage

How Can I Make the Most of My Massage?

So, you’ve scheduled a massage therapy appointment at Listening Hand Therapeutic Massage because your body is in pain or you have an injury that’s stopping you from doing the things you want to do. Or, perhaps you are just looking to relax and de-stress or simply take care of your body and improve your health. All of these are good reasons to get a massage, and there are some tips to help you make the most of your massage.

And so the question arises: How can I make the most of my massage? This is a good question that I often receive from my massage clients. Let’s look at 5 tips to make the most of your massage.

1. Hydration

Our bodies contain up to 60% water. That means our bodies are more than half water…no wonder hydration is so important! And when it comes to massage, it is very important in allowing you to get the most of your massage.

Glass of water
Regular hydration helps your muscles release during massage.

When we are dehydrated at any level, it is difficult for the muscles to relax. In fact, spasm in muscles can often relate tonot drinking enough water. (For a tip on how to help this, check out this Facebook Live video I made).

Now you have to ask: How do I properly hydrate myself? Well, first thing, DON’T drink a whole lot of water just before your massage because you won’t get hydrated that way, and you’ll just have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the massage.

The key to Hydration

Drink plenty of water the day before!

Drink plenty of water the day before! That’s the key. This will give your body the time it needs to properly hydrate. Then your muscles will be good and ready to receive the massage work.

2. Stretch

Woman stretching in nature
Taking time to stretch prior to your massage therapy session will help your body to better let go of tension during the session.

Another important action that you can take the morning of the day of your massage is to do some light stretching. And, if you do this light stretching before you massage, your muscles will already be partly warmed up and released so that your therapist can spend more time working out the real issues rather than preparing the tissue to be released. You’ll already be ready!

3. Arrive a few minutes early

Even though traffic in Danville Kentucky isn’t really that bad, why rush? Everyone knows that when you are rushing to get somewhere you can get a little, or a lot, stressed out. And if you are like me, when you get stressed out, it takes a little time to unwind.

Do you really want to spend the first part of your massage, unwinding from just trying to make the appointment on time?

Rose and pocket watch
Arrive to your massage therapy appointment a few minutes early. It makes a big difference when you don’t have to rush.

So, leave an extra 5 or 10 minutes early. This will make sure that when you show up, there is not rush and you can relax into the massage time that you have set aside for yourself. I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. And, if you happen to be late, try not to worry. If you are already late, no sense in making it worse by worrying about it.

4. Focus on your breath

So, you are hydrated from the day before. You’ve stretched that morning. You have shown up to your massage appointment a few minutes early and are happy to be there. And now it’s time to do something that can help make the most of your massage session.


To those clients who have worked with me before, you know we will spend a little time talking before the massage so that we can get clear on your therapeutic goal for the session. And once you are on the table, it’s time to relax, breath, and let go of the tension in your body.

It is as simple as that: focus on your breath.

When we focus on our breath many good things happen: our minds tend to become quiet, our muscles relax, and we are more open to healing. All of these are necessary to make the most of your massage appointment.

5. Schedule ahead

How many times have you had pain in your body, or you are feeling stress, and you think: I need to schedule a massage…and then you forget? Or the time you have available doesn’t work with your therapist? Or you have to find a new therapist, which can be a stressful trial and error process? All of this produces stress and is not conducive to making the most of your massage.

Now consider this scenario: Your body is in pain, or you are feeling stressed, and you think to yourself, “Awesome! I have a massage scheduled for next week!” And then you take a sigh of relief and go on with your day.

Sound better?

Research shows that when people have regular massage appointments scheduled, they actually get more out of their massage because they don’t have the added life stress of having to schedule yet another appointment.

Appointment book
When you schedule your massage appointment ahead of time, you can relax knowing that pain relief is coming your way.

Whether you schedule a massage once a week, once every 2 weeks, monthly, every 3 months or even once a year, having a massage on the schedule will help you get the most from your massage. At Listening Hand Therapeutic Massage, my clients can reschedule their appointment up to 24 hrs in advance without charge…so when you schedule ahead at Listening Hand Therapeutic Massage, you are really doing something that is best for you, at no risk.

Closing thoughts

I’ve given you 5 actions that you can take to make the most of your massage appointment. Whether you use all 5 or even just one, you will be doing a service to yourself. Book Now at the link below and begin applying today what you’ve learned in this blog!

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What Everyone Should Know About Pain Relief and CranioSacral Therapy

Pain Relief and CranioSacral Therapy

Simply put, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) works with the tissue that surrounds the central nervous system. The central nervous system directly affects all the other systems of the body. It’s the nerves that make the muscles work. And it can be the nerves that can make the muscles hurt and get tight. Thus, CST on the tissue surrounding the nerves can help with pain relief in the muscles!

Why does this happen?

pain relief
The spine houses pair of the craniosacral system.

The tissue that surrounds the central nervous system can get tight due to traumas, repetitive motions, or degeneration. When this tissue gets tight, it can aggravate the nerves it surrounds. This causes the nerves to fire out into the muscles, creating tightness and pain. CranioSacral Therapy releases the tight tissue around the nerves, the nerves relax, and the muscles feel better. I have seen this again and again in my practice.

As a massage therapist, I work each day helping to relax people’s muscles to decrease pain in the body and increase overall health. One thing I used to see repetitively in my practice was clients coming in with muscle pain, getting a massage, feeling better, only to come back a week later with the same pain. I have learned through my experience when this happens, the muscle pain is not the problem (or massage would have taken care of it). More often than not, the issue is in the craniosacral system and can be resolved completely through CranioSacral Therapy. When I discovered the truth of this, I began my training in CranioSacral Therapy. I have since been consistently helping people resolve long standing pain issues.

pain relief
The nerves conduct the energy of life. CranioSacral Therapy helps that energy to flow better.

So if you have a reoccurring pain in your body, particularly in the muscles, and massage has not taken care of it, it is very likely that CranioSacral Therapy will.

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The Pain is Not Where the Problem Is…

Isn’t the Pain the Problem?

Painful knee
When you feel pain in your body, remember to contact your massage therapist to get help.

When you feel the pain that comes into your neck and shoulders from sitting all day at the computer, or the sharp discomfort in the low back when you’ve been working in garden, you might want nothing more than someone to deeply massage that painful spot. That makes sense. The back or shoulders are shouting out at you and massage can help with pain relief, to make them quiet again.

However, sometimes there are chronic issues—you get a shoulder rub but the pain comes back the next day, or no matter what you do that low back pain just won’t go away.

There is a reason for this…the pain is not where the problem is.

A Shift in Perspective

Imagine for a moment, someone pulling on your arm. After time your arm would become sore because of the over stretching. Is your arm—where you feel the pain—the problem? No. The problem is the person pulling your arm. If they let go of your arm, eventually the discomfort will go away.

So it is, in our bodies.

Often the soreness that we feel is coming from those muscles being overstretched by other tighter muscles. We don’t feel the pain in the tight muscle, we feel it in the overstretched muscles, just like our arm being pulled. The way to fix the problem is to give the appropriate massage work to the tight, or shortened muscles and surrounding tissue.

When the shortened muscles are lengthened and released, it actually brings about lasting change and relief from pain. So if you have been having chronic pain issues that heat packs and Advil only provide temporary relief from, consider finding a local massage therapist that understands the dynamics of the body and knows how to release the actual cause of the pain—the shortened muscles.

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